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The majority of home electrical wiring problems result from mistakes in installation, inferior connections, or inferior materials. Most electrical residential wiring faults frequently involve tripped circuit breakers or a circuit that can not be reset and is probably responding to a problem in the circuit. You should leave this circuit breaker in the OFF position and call Lance Lacy Provolt Electric. We will send you a licensed electrician to perform qualified electric troubleshooting and repair.

A renovation to your home is an excellent opportunity to check your home’s electrical panel and circuit breakers to ensure that the system is functioning correctly. Our trained electricians will insure your electric panel is safe and not overloaded. Remodeling work frequently requires relocating electrical receptacles (outlets) or installing new LED lighting. This is electrical work that should be left to our trusted experts in electrical house wiring.
We Upgrade Panel Boxes to Modern and Convenient Circuit Breakers.
Electrical House Wiring